petrified wood for sale

The statue was made ​​of petrified wood base that has been millions of years ago, comes from trees that never grow up and live in the past.
As a result of the turmoil of the earth that has happened the past, buried trees and buried in the depths of soil and buried at the foot
of the mountains and in the depths of nature sungai.Proses happened in such a way that does not destroy the structure of these trees,
but rather to preserve trees is a fossil fossils petrified wood.
Shapes, textures and colors found in petrified wood is very unik.Memiliki texture and the colors are very beautiful and attractive,
unspoiled beauty that is created from a natural process, not the result of human engineering.
All of petrified wood has the form, texture and color of its own, and none serupa.Have color composition is very beautiful
and amazing color composition is created purely by natural processes.
Local people call and give this colorful names as Panca Color.

Arimata Gallery…give sale prices are relatively cheap,
lightweight and affordable while maintaining the quality and satisfaction to customers.
We were in Indonesia to establish the best relations with all customers in the international
contact us + (62)02160582243 – (+62)8979487106

petrified wood for sale

we sold the statue is priced at $ 1500 ..

pictures for petrified wood  for salepictures for  petrified wood sculpture for salepictures for petrified wood for salepictures for petrified wood for sale (2)



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